• Question: what sort of film do you think show inaccurate scientificly? or just show impossible experiments?

    Asked by microcoolio to Deuan, Lori-An on 25 Jun 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Lori-An Etherington

      Lori-An Etherington answered on 25 Jun 2010:

      There are loads of films out there that are scientifically inaccurate or seemingly impossible, one that springs to mind is The Fly, where someone tries to teleport but a fly gets in the machine too, so they end up as a human/fly hybrid. Most of science fiction is scientifically impossible (just now anyway). Was there anything you were thinking of in particular?
      Hope this helps

    • Photo: Deuan Jones

      Deuan Jones answered on 25 Jun 2010:

      The obvious one for this is Iron Man – I was watching number 2 when it came out in the cinema and there comes a point where it’s just rediculous (like when he creates a new element for his heart thing, and I think only takes him an afternoon!) It’s good entertainment though.

      I wonder if the public really understands just how unrealistic it all is though?